SC ST OBC Minorty Cell


The philosophy underlying Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe committee in Bangabasi College revolves around empowering historically marginalized communities and ensuring their representation and participation in social justice for the privileged category, equal opportunity to get food, clothes, shelter, and education. To build themselves on the pillar of human rights. The philosophy of SC/ST committee is grounded in the principle of social justice, aiming to address historical injustices and inequalities. This committee emphasizes inclusion and representation to ensure that the voices and concerns of SCs and STs are heard and taken into account in policy-making, planning, and implementation processes at all levels of governance, so that they can get equal opportunity in the society irrespective of class, creed and gender


  • Prof. Somen Biswas (Convener)
  • Prof. Pratik Rumba
  • Dr. Majharul Islam
  • Dr. Argha Sarkar
  • Prof. Sabatini Narjinary
  • Prof. Umme Kulsum
  • Prof. Chilka Mukherjee
  • Prof. Sutapa Tiwari
  • Prof. Satyajit Roy
  • Prof. Souvik Sau