Grievance Redressal Cell


The philosophy of a grievance redressal committee centers around providing a fair, transparent, and efficient mechanism for addressing grievances and resolving disputes. The committee of Bangabasi College operates on the principle of accessibility, ensuring that individuals have easy access to the grievance redressal process. This may involve setting up multiple channels for lodging complaints, such as online platforms, toll-free numbers, or physical complaint centers. The committee is committed to fairness and impartiality in addressing grievances. Every complaint is treated with seriousness and investigated objectively, without bias or favouritism towards any party involved. Regular feedback is taken from stakeholders of our College to understand their grievances, if any, towards the regular operations of the College.


  • Dr. Debjani Bhattacharya (Convenor)
  • Prof. Manoranajn Joddar
  • Prof. Ananya Chatterjee
  • Dr. Tarun Sarma
  • Dr. Udayan Bandopadhyay
  • Prof. Raka Dasgupta
  • Dr. Antara Ghosh
  • Dr. Sk. Raju Ali
  • Dr. Kalyan Mondal
  • Prof. Umme Kulsum
  • Prof. Souvik Sau
  • Prof. Nandini Lahiri