Our Inner Motto:

PRANIPATENA (reverence) - PARIPRASHNENA (search for truth) - SEVAYA (Service to Humanity

Our Mission:

Expansion of scientific education with a unique blend of innovative ideas & excellence along with value oriented curriculum.

Our Vision:

To strive far from mediocrity with uplift of socially and economically backward students and providing them wings to fly high..

Our Objectives:

To impart higher education to the eligible youths, making them capable towards either vertical (higher education) or horizontal (employment) movements..

In recognition of the necessity of revision, to adopt an Add on Vision -Towards ICT Empowerment.

Our means to communicate:

We make our mission, vision & objectives known to the students, guardians and other stakeholders by way of

  1. College Prospectus
  2. College Website
  3. Orientation Assembly
  4. Various meetings of Faculty, Staff, Students, Guardians & Alumni.
  5. Class representatives of the Students Union.