Message from Principal's Desk

​Welcome to Bangabasi College, a premier government-aided college in West Bengal, with a rich legacy spanning more than 125 years. Built in the year of 1887, Bangabasi College started its illustrious journey under the aegis of our founder-Principal Acharya Girish Chandra Bose, following the guiding inspiration of the genius of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. The primary mission of Bangabasi College, since its inception, has been to disseminate the benefits of higher education to the students coming from all sections of population (particularly the poor and needy) and to enhance knowledge among the youth of Bengal. Many of our students and teachers were actively associated with fight against the British rule. The College was the hotbed of anti-colonial movements against British rule that occurred during that period. Our founder Acharya Girish Chandra Bose also felt the need for establishing a college with nationalistic ethos for marking its protest against the parochial education policy of the Hunter Commission during the British Raj.

Since its commencement, Bangabasi College has been proving its extraordinary standards with a unique blend of innovation and scholarship. This is exemplified by our talented and optimistic students (many of whom have later become stalwarts in different fields in India and abroad), dedicated expert teaching staff and non-teaching staff who value the finest traditions and aspirations in education. Consistently one of the top achieving colleges in Bengal, Bangabasi College has a vision for education which builds on a strong sense of our nationalistic tradition. Our college exhibits a commitment to learning, justice, individual achievement and wholeness; qualities embedded firmly in our cultural heritage. We consider it our responsibility to develop the capacity to engage with – and respond to – the world with reverence, wisdom, integrity and imagination in our students. This development is underscored in our institutional motto: Pranipatena (by reverence), pariprashnena (by questioning) and Sebaya (by service). Love, Joy and Peace—while cultivating the qualities our college community embraces: humility, understanding and tolerance. Our students feel secure and enriched once they start studying in our highly esteemed institute.