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Introduction to the Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce at Bangabasi College enjoys a reputation for the excellence of its teaching in this dynamic discipline. Being separated away from the former College of Commerce, it was established as an independent department in this College in 1972. Honours Course was introduced since 1980. From a humble beginning, it is today the biggest department of the college catering to more than one thousand students combining the Honours as well as General streams.The faculty as well as the diverse student body from various social walks of life, all contribute towards the same purpose: to maintain the department's reputation in education at the cutting edge of economic, institutional and organizational aspects of commerce in the eastern part of the country. Alumni of this department occupy distinguished positions in almost all spheres of society; government, bureaucracy, banking, finance, academics, business, journalism and media. In the present context of globalized and liberalized economy, commerce education is an extremely relevant one and the Department of Commerce feels obligated to discharge its responsibility to the society through its honest, sincere and continuous search for excellence. It is staffed by experienced, dedicated and highly qualified teachers who are always at hand to advise and help the students.