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Facilities Offered

  • The Department has its own seminar library which is quite rich in collection of books (about 300). Students and teachers normally consult the departmental library.
  • There are two laboratories for undergraduate courses, one for honourse course and one for general course. Basic and advanced facilities acquired over the years are: Microscope both Compound and Simple, Camera lucida, Oculometer, Stage micrometer, Overhead projector, Slide projector, , Camera for field study, Incubator for tissue processing, Microtome for tissue section, Colorimeter, pH meter, Digital photo-electric Colorimeter, High speed centrifuge, Tissue homogenizer, Gel Electrophoresis apparatus, Pointer eye piece, Micro-microscope, Projection microscope, Stage micrometer, Field binocular,Centrifuge, Analytical balance, Single pan balance, Digital pan balance, Refrigerators, REMI Tissue homogenizer.
  • The Department has an excellent animal museum with the collection of specimens from each and every phylum, and there are also somerare species. The museum is also well oriented with the presence of animal skeletons & bones, embryos &foetus, and some models of animal. The department has a rich collection of slides for micro-animals, tissues, genetical and biochemical works.
  • The Department has eight computer with internet facility provided with LAN connection. Computer and internet facility are frequently used for comprehensive teaching.
  • Lecture method is normally followed. Overhead Projector, LCD Projector for power point presentation, smart class is adopted by the faculties to make the teaching-learning process more interesting.
  • Regular assessment of students is done through class tests, evaluation and parent teacher meetings.
  • Apart from this procedure, remedial classes at regular intervals and home assignments are also arranged by the faculty. The teachers are available beyond class hours and during vacations for academic interaction with students.
  • Extracurricular activities like students seminar, quiz, debates are arranged to promote them in the newer trend of education.
  • Annual excursion/or Field Study according to the syllabus is conducted by the Department regularly, both for Honours and General Students. The survey involves study of faunal diversity in diverse habitats of the Indian sub-continent. For honours studentsexcursions are conducted every year at ecosystems like, sea shores, National Parks, Reserve forest etc. Field study trip forgeneral students are arranged at any Fishery farm, Poultry farm, Indian Museum, and AliporeZoogarden. The survey reports and field work assignments are evaluated at their final examination of C.U.
  • The students of the department of Zoology take active role in bringing out a wall magazine on various issues related to Zoology included in the curriculum and for advancement of the subject outside the curriculum.
  • The students of the department alsoparticipate in"Students' Fair" or exhibion organized by the college,to put up exhibition stalls in various issues related to faunal diversity in diverse habitats, global warming and its effects, pollution and its adverse role on ecosystem, major alarming diseases etc.
  • The teachers participate in the programmes organized by the UGC Sponsored Career and Counseling cell.
  • The department enjoys top reputation in the College and also in the University with very dedicated faculty members who are highly qualified in their respective fields of specialization