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Facilities Offered

  • The Department has a well-furnished laboratory for both Honours and General course students. Sophisticated instruments like Kymograph,Electric Motor, SumonApparentimer, SumonResponsescope, Aesthesiometer, weight cylinders, ergograph etc. are present.
  • The seminar library houses approximately 50 Text books & reference books, both in English & Bengali, for lending to both Honours and General Course students.
  • There is also a laptop & printer for use in the Department.
  • The students along with the faculty participate in many extra-curricular activities such as attending seminars, conferences, workshops etc., Exhibition, publication of wall magazine etc.
  • The faculty provides psychological counseling to students of all Departments of the College as and when necessary.
  • The faculty keeps a strict vigil on academic performance of students by regular class tests apart from College Examinations.