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Facilities Offered

  • The laboratories are well equipped to meet the demand of the honours curriculum.
  • The teachers of the department use different teaching aids like projectors, charts,models, microscopes, permanent slides, preserved specimen, Herbarium, museum etc. in the classrooms.
  • An interactive method of teaching is built up in the class between the teacher and student
  • The museum of the Department of Botany is unique for its collections of various botanical specimens. Moreover during botanical excursions many specimens are collected from different ecological habitats and the unique ones are displayed in the museum.
  • Moreover the students are also made aware of, how the specimens are collected, preserved and maintained in the museum.
  • The Seminar library is a small repository of books (about 600) in the department in addition to the Central one.
  • Botanical excursion is a part of the curriculum for both Botany Honours and General stream students of Calcutta University. The Department organizes long botanical excursions to different phytogeographical regions in India for the purpose of studying floral diversity in different natural habitats. In this process, the students become aware of the ecological importance and its interaction with plant community. Visit to Indian Botanic Garden is an annual fare for the students of Botany.
  • During excursion to other phyto-geographical regions the teachers and students of the Department interact with the local people and make them aware about the various reasons behind the loss of biological resources in those areas. They also suggest conservation measures for species, which are at high risk and to be conserved on priority basis.
  • Apart from these, publication of wall magazine, workshops and seminars etc. are organized by the Department.
  • The teachers are specialized in different areas of the subject and therefore, are perfectly competent to meet the demand of the learner. All the teachers, besides teaching, organize seminars and workshops.